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High School Mathematics (Long-term Substitute)

  • 08 Oct 2019 10:12 AM
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    High School Mathematics (Long-term Substitute)


    Campbell Hall, founded in 1944 and situated on approximately 14 naturally landscaped acres in North Hollywood, California, is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory, Episcopal day school for students in kindergarten through grade twelve. The high school division includes grades 9-12 and is composed of approximately 540 students and 70 full- and part-time faculty and coaches.

    The school is committed to fostering a community dedicated to honoring the diversity of the human experience, and is an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, and creed, place of national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation or physical handicap.

    Campbell Hall is guided by the Episcopal tradition of open inquiry and spiritual formation and seeks faculty who are devoted to the pursuit of academic excellence and to the nurturing of decent, loving, and responsible human beings.

    Campbell Hall Faculty Description

    Campbell Hall (K-12, coeducational, college preparatory, Episcopal) is seeking faculty who are dedicated to the developmentally appropriate education of the whole child; who are interested in learning as well as teaching; who connect their responsibilities with the philosophy and purpose of the school; who teach to empower as well as to inform; who are comfortable with questions as well as with answers; who can work with direction, focus, humor and dignity within the complexities of a diverse school environment; and who will be dedicated to promoting and maintaining an inclusive school community.

    In addition to their academic responsibilities, Campbell Hall faculty are involved in many aspects of school life:  coaching interscholastic athletics, chaperoning experiential education trips, participating in community service activities, helping  students produce school publications, overseeing student council, and leading a special interest club are just a few ways faculty are more deeply involved in the Campbell Hall community.

    Each faculty member serves as a student advisor. An advisor is dedicated to the emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of each student. Faculty relate to students, parents and colleagues in ways which promote open and supportive communication.

    Campbell Hall faculty pride themselves on becoming involved in many aspects of the school community. They are dedicated in their implementation of a vigorous college preparatory academic program and are equally devoted to the emotional and spiritual development of each student. The result is a community where students and adults are confident to learn and grow.


    Responsibilities include the following:

          4 classes (1 Geometry Honors; 3 Algebra IIB) plus one block in math lab. Candidates should be comfortable teaching courses in Algebra 1, Geometry and possibly upper division high school courses which include Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry.

          All classes meet for 75 minutes every other day. 

          Supervision duty (once per quarter/semester during lunch or after school)

          All-school faculty staff meetings three times per year.

          Monthly meetings include, but are not exclusive to:

          DAT (Deans, Advisors and Teachers)

          Mathematics department

          High school division

    Geometry Honors: This course is designed to prepare students in the investigation, understanding, and application of plane geometry. Course topics include parallel lines, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, similarity, circles, polygon area, right triangle applications involving special right triangles and trigonometry, and volume and surface area of solids. Throughout the year, students incorporate the writing of formal, two-column proofs to further investigate geometric concepts. Students use visualization, spatial reasoning, algebra and geometric modeling to solve problems. Students see the power of deductive proof in establishing the validity of general results from given conditions. In addition to two column direct proofs, students also produce logical arguments by engaging in paragraph and flowchart proofs. Students use algebraic techniques as an integral part of the exploration of theorems, postulates and corollaries.

    Algebra IIB: Students deepen their understanding of the real number line, review relations and functions, and extend their skills in solving quadratic equations involving rational and irrational roots. Students continue their study of polynomial factoring and explore the use of exponents and logarithms. The curriculum also includes probability, conic sections, combinations and permutations. This course promotes problem solving skills and solutions requiring good insights into math theory and strong algebra skills. Use of graphing calculators, special projects and group presentations may be a part of the instructional methods used to master the curriculum.

    Required Qualifications:

          Bachelor’s degree or higher

          At least 3 years of classroom experience

          Patience and creativity when working collaboratively with a range of constituent groups, including students, families, faculty, staff and administration from diverse backgrounds (religious, ethnic, socio-economic etc.)

          Strength in both written and oral methods of communication 

    Desired Qualifications

          Minimum 3 years of experience with students, families, and mathematics curriculum at the high school level.

          Proficiency with technology to include: Google Drive; SmartBoards; PowerSchool; Haiku and/or website creation and maintenance.

    If interested, please complete our online application at: For questions, please contact

    Campbell Hall believes in and operates on the premise that it is the right of all persons to seek work and to advance on the basis of their individual merits, ability, and potential. Campbell Hall has been, is, and will continue to be, strongly committed to the principle that equal employment opportunity must be afforded to all persons regardless of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, family care status, veteran status, marital status, age, medical condition, and disability.

    Campbell Hall welcomes candidates who have a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in their teaching and learning.

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