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MYP Coordinator

  • 20 Feb 2024 2:37 PM
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    Job Title:Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinator

    Job Class:Full Time, Administration, Exempt

    Reports to:      Middle School Division Head

    The community of EBI, including the faculty and staff, is a unique and valuable asset to the school. It is with this in mind that, in addition to specific responsibilities, it is essential that all EBI employees demonstrate the following:

    • Personal alignment with the EBI mission and the IB mission

    • Value for bilingualism, educational excellence, diversity, international mindedness and the cultivation of character

    • Enjoy working in a diverse, international and collaborative school environment

    • Effective listening, speaking, writing and presenting skills in both Spanish and English, as required

    • A positive attitude and a deep sense of professionalism

    Position Overview

    The Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinator is a member of the Pedagogical Leadership Team who has the responsibility for overseeing the implementation and delivery of the MYP in the school in accordance with the Escuela Bilingüe Internacional Mission Statement, school policies and program standards. The MYP Coordinator oversees all aspects of the IB MYP Program, including general coursework in grades 6-8. The MYP Coordinator also has responsibilities as a classroom teacher, equal to approximately a half time teaching load.

    General Responsibilities

    • Ensure the proper development, documentation, implementation, and evaluation of the MYP, according to the norms of the IBO.

    • Oversee all aspects of MYP program authorization from the IBO. 

    • Guarantee horizontal and vertical alignment of the MYP curriculum, and an appropriate progress and growth in student learning. 

    • As part of the Pedagogical Team, draft and propose policies required by the IBO: Access (Admissions), Inclusion, Academic Integrity, Language, Assessment

    • Coordinate workshops for current and prospective parents, teachers, and students about the MYP.

    • Ensure the appropriate training of all the staff involved in the MYP and compliance with program requirements, as outlined by the IBO. 

    • Ensure Program Standards and Practices are being adhered to by EBI.

    • Oversee the MYP Community Project program, maintaining an archive of the exhibition from year to year. Ensure that the MYP Community Project procedures, preparation and implementation meet the IB requirements and guidelines. 

    • Teach approximately a half-time course load.

    • Serve as the primary leader for the Middle School Division in the absence of the Division Head.

    • Perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School and/or the Division Heads.

    Specific Areas of Responsibility

    In relation to teachers:

    1. Collaborate with the Head of School and Middle School Division Head regarding the hiring,retention, and assignment of faculty.

    2. Develop and establish programs for the orientation of new and returning teachers, in collaboration with the other members of the Pedagogical Leadership Team.

    3. Collaborate with the Pedagogical Leadership Team to identify annual professional development priorities and create the professional development plan and experiences for the school including MYP/IB training for continuing and new staff.

    4. Serve as a consultant and provide professional development sessions and instructional coaching for faculty in alignment with the MYP and program needs.

    5. Meet weekly with grade-level teams to guide common planning of curriculum and follow up on students needing additional support. 

    In relation to the Curriculum and Instruction:

    1. Maintain and update the MYP Curriculum Guide and support the faculty in the articulation of course objectives, subject objectives, methods and means of assessment through the development of the MYP Units of Instruction.

    2. Work with the Early Childhood Program and PYP Coordinator to ensure overall curriculum continuity across the school and a smooth transition and articulation between programs.

    3. Work with faculty to develop and implement a rigorous and engaging emergent curriculum that encourages students to reach academic, social and emotional potential in a caring and supportive environment

    4. Oversee the quality of MYP Unit Planners, ensure that appropriate attention is given to differentiation, and ensure that the curriculum in the Middle  Years Programme is fully documented and recorded in the Learning Management System.

      1. Ensure that the ATLs and the sixteen interdisciplinary concepts along with related concepts for each discipline are included in the written, taught and assessed curriculum.

      2. Ensure that Service as Action and interdisciplinary activities are planned, effectively implemented, assessed, and properly documented across all three years of the program.

    5. Ensure field trips are related to the development of a unit, content standards, performance standards, or service learning.

    6. Make recommendations to the MS Division Head for the purchase of suitable resources to support the implementation of the MYP and keep an inventory of resources to facilitate efficient management.

    7. Establish a regular presence in the classrooms to support the implementation of recently adopted curricula and new initiatives and to develop and maintain expertise in the overall instructional program, teaching styles, and classroom dynamics.

    8. Support the Middle School Division Head in the development of the MYP class schedule, including assigning teachers and students to classes.

    In relation to Assessment and Grade Reporting:

    1. Ensure understanding of MYP practices, and oversee the implementation of the published subject-specific assessment criteria. 

    2. Support the teachers responsible for, and the students involved in, the MYP to maintain appropriate individual MYP student and assessment records.

    3. Support teachers with the implementation of unit assessments and tracking student data (benchmark assessments, reading running records, math tests, writing rubrics) and reporting.

    4. Support the Division Head in leading and overseeing the grade reporting preparation cycle and process, including reviewing report cards and comments.

    5. Oversee external testing:

      1. Serve as the MAP Testing Site Coordinator and coordinate the Roster Files with the Director of Technology, directly oversee implementation of MAP Testing in grades 6-8, including testing, reporting, and data interpretation, and support the PYP Coordinator in the implementation of MAP Testing in grades 2-5.

      2. Together with the Grade 8 Spanish teacher, coordinate the DELE Testing process for Grade 8 students. 

    In relation to the IBO:

    1. Communicate with the IB on all matters concerning MYP organization, implementation and evaluation. 

    2. Maintain accurate school information via the IB information system (IBIS).

    3. Lead the MYP program evaluations, including: 

      1. Overseeing completion of the MYP self-study when it occurs, including gathering supporting documentation.  

      2. Ensuring all members of the school community involved in MYP, including students and parents, contribute to the MYP self-study.

      3. Overseeing visit logistics, including communicating with the evaluation team leader regarding logistical arrangements and making a schedule for evaluation visit. 

      4. Ensuring completion of evaluation visit progress report and resulting program action plans, incorporating contributions from relevant members of faculty. 

    In relation to communication

    1. Keep faculty informed of current MYP developments, particularly through providing complete and up-to-date subject publications and access to the My IB site, and by sharing the relevant IB publications. 

    2. Support the School Division Heads with planning and presenting informative sessions for parents related to curriculum, learning, student data, and assessment.

    3. Collaborate with the Middle School Division Head, the Director of Technology and the Grade 6-8 MYP faculty to optimize the Learning Management Systems (Managebac).

    4. Ensure that the document entitled General regulations: Middle Years Programme is supplied to parents.

    5. Regularly communicate with parents regarding school activities, events and the program.

    6. Meet parents, as needed. regarding academics, innovation and growth 

    7. Publish updates related to the program in EBI Al Día, the yearbook, and other communications.

    8. Collaborate with EBIPA (Parent Association).

    In relation to the Advancement Office:

    1. Assist in the admission process including working with faculty to review and update admission tests, and support in testing and evaluation of applicants in collaboration with the Division Head and the Director of Admissions.

    2. Participate in admissions-specific events such as Open Houses, Info Session, and tours.

    3. In collaboration with the Pedagogical Leadership Team and staff, responsible for the planning and execution of academic programming events to include Black History Month, Chinese New Year Celebration, and STEM events, among others.

    In relation to the Operations Department: 

    1. Provide an orderly, well-managed environment in which learning can take place, a school climate which is supportive and which reflects high morale

    2. Ensure compliance with employee handbook requirements and legal requirements of government regulations and agencies; to maintain the educational standards established by the State of California and by those agencies that examine and accredit the school. 

    Qualifications and Requirements

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field required. Master’s degree is strongly preferred

    • Four or more years as a classroom MYP teacher is strongly preferred

    • Bilingual in Spanish and English. Native Spanish preferred

    • The ability to work closely with teachers to support and facilitate their collaboration, creativity and collegiality.

    • Experience in hiring, supporting, developing, and retaining a diverse faculty and administrative staff.

    • Strong understanding of the physical, social and emotional developmental stages of MYP-aged students.

    • Knowledge and expertise of the IB Programmes, in particular MYP strongly preferred and in building and growing MYP programming

    • Understanding and commitment to DEIB/social justice, including anti-bias and safe identity educational practices

    • Strong knowledge and experience with best practices in primary curriculum, instruction, and assessment

    • Strong knowledge and expertise of education technology and blended learning

    • Deep understanding of IB school communities with an ability to design, implement, and evaluate innovative educational programs for multiple constituencies

    • Ability to maintain composure, confidentiality, tact, sensitivity, and flexibility during peak stress periods and crisis situations

    • Willingness to lead and collaborate with diverse constituencies and teams.

    • Flexibility, given the uncertain times we are living through

    • Commitment to 21st-century education, including knowledge of the key role of SEL practices in whole child education and international mindedness

    • Joyful and empathetic educator who is a strategic thinker and a visionary builder

    • A team player who looks out for the needs of students, faculty and staff.

    • Thoughtful and adept at conflict resolution. Empathetic problem-solver.

    • Collaborative leadership style and intentional commitment to life-long learning

    • Courage to support and/or make difficult or unpopular decisions, when needed

    • Excellent interpersonal, communication, listening, and organization skills

    • Willingness to learn and implement the academic and SEL programs

    EBI  uses a salary scale that is based on education and years of experience and ranges from $100,000 to $120,000.

    Application Process:

    To be considered for the position, please complete an application, and send a letter of interest, a resume, and contact information for at least three professional references, including supervisors, to Patrick Miller at

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