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Physical Education Teacher

  • 25 Mar 2020 12:33 PM
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    Physical Education Teacher

    Job Description

    Department:          Faculty

    Reports to:            Athletic Director

    Park Century School was founded in 1968 as an independent not-for-profit, co-educational day school to meet the needs of children who learn differently. Park Century serves students between the ages of 7 to 14, or grades 2nd to 8th, living in the South Bay to the San Fernando Valley and throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  Park Century’s mission is to empower bright children with learning differences to reach their academic and personal potential. Students flourish within our individualized, evidence-based curriculum and supportive environment. In collaboration with their families, the school inspires students to develop into resilient self-advocates and builds a foundation for lifelong achievement.


    The Physical Education Teacher reports directly to the Athletic Director and is responsible for exercising leadership in school-wide athletic programs including innovation, program improvement, communication and administrative procedures; has the primary responsibility for teaching physical education programs.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    ·         Abides by the policies and guidelines contained in the Park Century School Employee Handbook

    ·         Works under the direction of the Athletic Director to plan, organize and oversee the daily operations of the physical education program at the school

    ·         Works with parents and student athletes to ensure program objectives mirror the school’s mission, values and culture, and strive to build a culture of enthusiastic support among all members

    ·         Works under the direction of the Athletic Director to develop curriculum guidelines and procedures for the operation of the physical education programs

    ·         Attend weekly faculty meetings

    ·         Maintain good public relations with parents, alumni, officials, staff and faculty

    ·         Assist in coordinating transportation for school athletic events

    ·         Encourage and maintain proper student and community sportsmanship at all athletic contests

    ·         Assist with management issues related to successful operations to include but not limited to scorekeeping, athletic schedules, emergency services at games, where necessary, security, control and supervision when other schools use Park Century School’s facilities

    ·         Represent well Park Century School in league matters

    ·         Assist with the development and implementation of safety, emergency, and injury procedures

    ·         Attend to any additional responsibilities that may be added at the School’s discretion

    ·         Assist in report writing for parent conferences

    Requirements and Qualifications:

    ·         Bachelor’s degree

    ·         Background in working with school-based athletic programs, progressive responsibility in working with school, community and other athletic organizations

    ·         Use of technology in communication

    ·         A valid First Aid Certificate, including CPR training

    ·         Excellent verbal and written communications skills

    ·         Demonstrated leadership and facilitative skills

    ·         Ability to innovate and align current programming with best practices in athletics and physical fitness

    ·         Have a passion for professional and personal growth

    Physical Demands and Working Environment:

    Sitting, standing, walking, bending, kneeling, crouching, reaching, twisting, stairs, lifting desks, chairs and instructional materials up to 50 lbs., operate office equipment requiring repetitive hand movement and fine coordination including use of computer keyboard, and to verbally communicate to exchange information.

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