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Grades K-4 Physical Education Teacher

  • 13 Feb 2020 5:36 PM
    Message # 8746358

    Requirements:     Master’s Degree or equivalent in teaching  preferred

    Reports to:           Lower School Division Head

    Primary Responsibilities:                 Teach Grades K-4 (lead 3-4, support K-2) physical education classes; plan and lead Grades 3 and 4 Outdoor Education trips; collaborate and lesson plan with colleagues to design experiences for students; communicate and partner with parents and grade-level teams; be willing to step in as a coach for Middle School teams as needed

    Hours/Classification:     Full Time, Exempt

    The Hamlin School seeks teachers who support and implement the school’s Mission and Creed. There is a commitment to passionate engagement with both the art and science of teaching. Hamlin teachers are caring, compassionate, collaborative, and are dedicated to the education of students and to the integration of 21st century essential capacities into lesson design.


    • Provide instruction in physical education (Grades K-4)
    • Implement curricula as identified in the Curriculum Guide
    • Teach with an understanding of the development and growth of lower school students
    • Communicate and collaborate with other faculty and staff regarding each student
    • Assess student progress using a variety of methods
    • Communicate with parents about the program and student progress
    • Attend grade level meetings for collaborative discussion and sharing of student concerns
    • Identify materials, resources and technology needs for program
    • Include use of appropriate technology tools and resources for instruction
    • Create and update course web pages
    • Participate actively in faculty meetings, admissions, and other school events
    • Pursue relevant opportunities for professional growth and development
    • Supervise students in other roles such as recess, lunch, field trips, etc.
    • Plan and implement Grades 3 and 4 outdoor education trips
    • Coach Middle School Athletics teams

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