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Summer School Coordinator/School Store Manager

  • 15 Mar 2019 11:22 AM
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    Summer School Coordinator/School Store Manager

    Job Summary

    The Summer School Coordinator/School Store Manager is responsible for all aspects of summer programming, including athletics, academics and 3rd party vendor use of academic facilities.  The Coordinator effectively creates and markets outreach programs and events with all possible constituencies. The Coordinator works with the Principal, Vice Principal for Academics, and Department Chairs to build academic programming at all levels and to promote, coordinate, and administer a mission-centered philosophy to ensure that students are provided opportunity for growth, innovative programming, and an excellent school experience.  The Coordinator is responsible for the daily functioning of summer school and the supervision of staff and students. The Coordinator models humble leadership, embraces possibility and innovation, delivers great, and inspires joy and gratitude in students and colleagues.

    As School Store Manager, this position is responsible for planning and managing all day-to-day operations of the school store, including purchase, stock, and sales of all merchandise.  Also supervises school store volunteers and creates scheduling and school store hours of operation.

    Essential Responsibilities

    • ·         Creates effective middle school outreach and serves as the liaison with middle schools for summer programming.
    • ·         Participates actively in the life of the school community in a manner which supports and promotes the mission and core values of Carondelet
    • ·         Maintains professional standards in interaction with students, parents/guardians and co-workers
    • ·         Cooperates with appropriate personnel in helping enforce school policies, rules and regulations with an emphasis on positive discipline and reinforcement in order to create an environment of positive growth.
    • ·         Is supportive of the colleagues, administrators, staff and students and interacts with them in a positive manner.
    • ·         Effectively markets summer school programs and use of Carondelet facilities to ensure high enrollment and substantial use of these facilities.
    • ·         Supports the Principal of the school in ensuring that educational goals and standards of leadership and behavior are met.

    Administrative/Technical Responsibilities:

    Summer School Coordinator:

    • ·         Works with academic departments and communications department to create, publicize, and market summer programs to ensure high-level enrollment and attainment of revenue goals for summer programming.
    • ·         Communicates clearly and effectively with students and parents about all aspects of summer school in order to create a seamless, stress-free experience.
    • ·         Serves as middle school summer liaison and supervises summer middle school programs as well as remediation, advancement, and bridge course offerings.
    • ·         Creates and implements orientation materials for all summer school staff.
    • ·         Manages Final Site enrollment portal and exports all data pertaining to summer school enrollment and is responsible for establishing final class rosters, final class schedule, daily attendance, and implementation of behavioral expectations.
    • ·         Works with Director of Academic and Learning Support in communicating with students and parents about necessary remediation needs and places students in appropriate courses.
    • ·         Prepares and coordinates summer orientation for teachers, is responsible for hiring of summer school staff and the summer school budget and is also responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day operation of summer school, including attendance, discipline issues, supervision, high school remediation and advancement classes, middle school class offerings and bridge courses, and 3rd party classes offered by ID Tech and Girls Leadership.
    • ·         Creates summary of completed summer remediation for all students.  Monitors remediation progress on a weekly basis of students who are remediating classes on campus.  Finalizes grades in conjunction with the Data Analyst.
    • ·         Ensures that summer students and teachers are provided Schoology access and other technology needs in conjunction with the Director of Academic Technology.
    • ·         Maintains general oversight of summer school/camp budgets.
    • ·         Effectively markets all aspects of summer programming to ensure high enrollment and extensive use of school facilities.

    Book Store Manager:

    • ·         Plans, organizes and manages all store activities.
    • ·         Implements school store-operating procedures.
    • ·         Prepares and manages yearly bookstore budgets in coordination with the business office.
    • ·         Manages and maintains accounting records in conjunction with the business manager.
    • ·         Hires and trains school store volunteers.
    • ·         Creates and manages advertising materials.
    • ·         Oversees the planning, supervision, and maintenance of stock and inventory.
    • ·         Resolves client issues associated with merchandise in a professional and timely manner.
    • ·         Supervises all store opening and closing procedures, including closeout process for cash receipts.
    • ·         Responsible for all activities related to the merchandising of school store inventory.
    • ·         Maintain store appearance and cleanliness.
    • ·         Ensures that the store is profitable.

    Supervisor Expectations

    • ·         Has the ability and skills to engage and inspire the community and build effective programming that will create revenue streams through all aspects of summer programming.
    • ·         Interacts with others in a positive and collegial manner
    • ·         Has the ability to speak to a group in clear, engaging and dynamic language
    • ·         Communicates clearly in written formats
    • ·         Is able to think strategically and collaboratively in implementing programs and in soliciting input and ideas
    • ·         Must be an effective planner and problem-solver.


    ·         Bachelor's degree in a related content area required, Master's degree preferred

    ·         Background in leadership position

    ·         Background in an educational setting, preferably middle and high school level.

    ·         Is familiar with learning management systems and work with curriculum.

    ·         Background in business, marketing, or management.

    ·         Background in inventory control and ordering of inventory.

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