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Director of Systems Design and Technology Services - CAIS

  • 03 Jan 2018 4:11 PM
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    The California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) is the leading organization of independent schools in California.  The Association serves and strengthens its schools by setting standards of academic quality and ethical conduct, by providing for the professional growth of faculty, administrators, and trustees, and by promoting ethnic and socio-economic diversity.

    Technology has become an increasingly vital component of the organization’s mission and member services.  One critical application is the CAIS accreditation portal, which is a custom-designed web application powered by Ruby on Rails.  The portal is transforming the accreditation process, allowing for deeper reflections during the self-study phase and more impactful recommendations during the visiting phase.  The accreditation portal has been so successful that other regional associations have licensed the portal.  Meanwhile, the association leverages other technology systems for various internal and public-facing initiatives, and has plans to do even more — particularly in the areas of data collection, content management, research, and professional development.

    The outgoing director of technology was instrumental in the design and construction of the portal.  CAIS is looking for an experienced systems designer to assume responsibility of the portal and its ongoing development, in partnership with external Ruby consultants and internal CAIS stakeholders.  The next director should have experience in application design and data integration, and some prior coding experience.  Candidates fluent in Ruby would be especially welcomed, but this is not an absolute requirement.

    CAIS ultimately needs a technology-focused, customer-centered project manager who can lead the big picture with respect to systems development and improvement, but also work at the tactical level to ensure that applications and data systems meet the needs of the CAIS community.  While CAIS is prepared to onboard someone as early as March, the association is willing to wait until June if the right candidate is unable to start sooner.

    Start Date:                              March 19, 2018 (or later if necessary)

    As the director of systems design, you will…

    • Manage all application development, engineering, and evaluation processes.
    • Oversee and direct consultants that provide third-party systems support.
    • Facilitate design and evaluation meetings with internal CAIS employees, external subscribers and licensees, third-party developers, and key end-user stakeholders.
    • Manage industry-standard development protocols, including: a four-tier deployment environment, user-centered design, formal code reviews, version control, distribution of code updates, pull requests, Agile methodology, application monitoring and logging, backup and recovery services, knowledge base software, and continuous delivery.
    • Design, write, test, and implement code modules, patches, and updates.
    • Design, write, test, and implement APIs that interconnect CAIS data systems.
    • Evaluate system performance in terms of speed, security, functionality, and errors, and ensure the implementation of any necessary fixes and improvements.

    As the director of technology services at CAIS, you will…

    • Support other members of the CAIS team in identifying and implementing technology-based solutions that support major CAIS strategic initiatives.
    • Deliver trainings and produce support materials that help the internal and external CAIS communities leverage the technology services and systems of CAIS.
    • Manage the deployment of underlying servers, databases, and client hardware.
    • Ensure that support requests are addressed in a timely and professional manner.
    • Coordinate technical production services for CAIS events.
    • Administer technology-based collaboration and communication tools for the CAIS community.


    • Other duties as assigned




    CAIS is looking for candidates who can demonstrate…

    • Experience designing, engineering, developing, and/or managing web-based, server-side software applications.
    •  A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
    • Experience with UI design and user-centric application development principles.
    • Experience writing, developing, implementing, and improving enterprise software code in a collaborative team environment.  Experience with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Redis, and/or Resque is preferable.
    • Experience managing an enterprise data environment and developing API-based interconnectivity among disparate data systems.  Experience with SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, and/or FileMaker Pro is preferable.
    • Experience working in an industry-standard production environment for designing, deploying, and maintaining on-premise and cloud-based technology services.
    • Experience evaluating and overseeing third-party vendors and consultants for software development, system implementation, database design, IT services, and/or hardware support.
    • Experience working with internal stakeholders to identify programmatic goals, conduct needs assessments, and evaluate and implement technology solutions.
    • Experience designing and delivering technology trainings and developing technology support materials.
    •  Excellent relational and communication skills — oral and written.
    • Strong project management skills.
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • A collaborative, cooperative, and patient mindset.
    • Capability to lift up to 25 pounds and access hardware in hard-to-reach spaces.


    For more information please download the opportunity statement, which contains complete application instructions:



    Post Date:                               January 3, 2018

    Application Deadline:           February 5, 2018

    Decision Announced:            March 2, 2018

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