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Cal-ISBOA 2020 Conference and Annual Meeting

Now Virtual!
Pre-Conference HR Workshop, Sunday, May 3
Conference & Annual Meeting, Monday, May 4

Preliminary General Session Descriptions

  • Interactive and Facilitated Discussions on Goal Setting and Leadership.  Using videos from thought leaders in the area of Leadership, we'll discuss the role of the Business Officer as part of the Leadership team in defining and addressing areas of opportunity and challenge in independent schools today.
  • Panel Discussion - Planning for the New Normal: The Expanding Impact of Wildfires.  Schools are facing widening disruptions to people, place and program as a result of the expanding wildfire "season."  This panel is the beginning of on-going discussions that will identify issues and resources to help your school address vulnerabilities and work through solutions. Leave with an action plan consisting of questions and strategies centered around the People, Place, and Program challenges that our new normal - uncertainty - creates. This road map will help you navigate issues at the school level including how to plan for uncertain power supply, questions about the availability of technology and engaging parents, students, faculty and staff during wildfires and other emergencies we face as a community in the year(s) to come.


Chris Joffe, Founder & CEO, Joffe Emergency Services

Tom Wildman, Founder & Principal, Knowing Technologies
Daniel Klingebiel, Executive Director, NCIS San Francisco
Trip Thomas, Senior Vice-President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

    Preliminary Breakout Session Descriptions

    • Gift Acceptance Policies: Best Practices for Gifts & Fundraising. Should your school accept every gift that comes its way? With more and more schools embarking on fundraising campaigns, it is imperative that these gifts--and the potential unique and complex transactions that often accompany significant gifts--are accounted for correctly. We'll also discuss accounting best practices, donor-advised funds, and how CFOs can work most effectively with their Business Office Team and Head of School to tackle unique campaign challenges today and tomorrow.


    Dean Quiambo, Partner, Armanino LLP
    Matt Gard, Partner, Armanino LLP
    Julia Yzaguirre, CFO, Turning Point School

    • Campus Security: In-House vs. Outsource. NBC News recently reported that "the number 1 reason parents send their children to a private school is Security." Independent School operators need to be able to answer the question, "What are you doing to keep my child safe?" with more than, "Nothing has ever happened here." School security is very much at the fore front of Independent School administrators' thought - What is expected? What are other schools doing? What is the proper balance? How do we make our school secure without ruining our culture? Do we arm guards? Do we hire guards in house or do we contract out? What software is available? Is it possible to have a system which preserves our culture and at the same time mitigates threat before an attack happens? Can we tell our parents we are actively stopping the attack before it starts as well as practicing to respond well? We will discuss all of these important Independent School security issues and give you the facts you need to make your security choices based on awareness - it doesn't have to be costly - it doesn't have to ruin your culture - it can mitigate threat before an attack happens - but it has to be smart, logical, proactive and embraced by the community. Peter Crabbe from Chameleon Associates has helped scores of independent schools with Threat Assessments (needed for grants), training of guards, faculty, staff, parents and students and lectures on the benefits of Proactive Threat Assessment (the Israeli model) for schools.

            Peter Crabbe, Senior Consultant Trainer, Chameleon Associates

    • Delivering a Successful Construction Project – On Time, On Scope, On Budget!
      Join us for a presentation by Dave Lessing, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer at Presidio Knolls School (San Francisco) and Leslie Lucas, Chief Operating Officer at The Athenian School (Danville). They will share ideas and information to empower school leaders to deliver successful school construction projects from planning to completion. During this session, you will receive suggestions and ideas for planning, delivering, and closing out capital construction projects. You will learn about the life cycle of construction projects, the roles / responsibilities of professionals involved, and special interest topics, including contracts, financing, project budget, insurance and more. 

            Dave Lessing, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer, Presidio Knolls School
            Leslie Lucas, Chief Operating Officer, The Athenian School

    • New Laws Impacting California Independent Schools It has been a busy year in the Legislature and the courts!  This presentation will provide Cal-ISBOA members with an opportunity to consider how new laws are impacting their schools.  We will cover recently enacted legislation and court decisions from California and across the country that are obligating schools to change their practices and preconceptions.  The presentation will go beyond compliance and address the strategic thinking necessary to stay on, or ahead, of the risk-management curve.  This wide-ranging, interactive presentation will enhance schools understanding of their new legal obligations and supply guidance on addressing these challenges proactively and effectively.


            Michael Blacher, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
            Grace Chan, Associate Attorney, 
    Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

    Additional session topics include:

    • Maximizing Your Benefits Package Direct your benefit dollars in ways that could provide greater value to employees and building goodwill and workplace satisfaction. 
      Presenters: Jamie Greenleaf, Principal, Cafaro Greenleaf
      Brandon Burroughs, Assistant Vice President, Bolton & Co.

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