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Middle School Physical Education Teacher

  • 15 Sep 2020 3:29 PM
    Message # 9238517

    Primary Responsibilities: Teaches Middle School PE; 3-4 hours

    of active instruction/day in various classroom spaces and parks within a 7-block distance from school, as well as planning/teaching remote classes during distance learning

    Requirements: Bachelor's Degree from a four-year accredited college. Three to five years physical education teaching experience.

    Desired: Masters Degree

    Reports to: Middle School Division Head

    Hours/Classification: 80%, Exempt

    The Hamlin School seeks to hire employees who will support and implement the school’s mission and Creed at all times. Hamlin employees are known for being compassionate, collaborative, and dedicated professionals who treat their colleagues and supervisors with respect and who take the daily care of Hamlin students seriously. As such, Hamlin employees pay close attention to the students’ social-emotional well being, their physical and mental health, and their moral development.

    Hamlin employees are committed to their own personal and professional growth; thus, they pay close attention to the research and innovations that impact their respective fields. All employees are expected to be flexible thinkers and nimble actors in support of the school’s overarching strategic goals and demonstrate a commitment to their colleagues’ success.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    ● Supports Hamlin’s Mission and Creed

    ● Teach with an understanding of the development and

    growth of middle school girls

    ● Plans physical education program to promote the

    development of students’ physical attributes, social

    skills, and life long activity skills

    ● Explains, demonstrates, evaluates, and coaches

    individual and team sports, utilizing knowledge of sports

    techniques and of capabilities of students

    ● Organizes, leads, instructs, and referees indoor and

    outdoor games and sports such as volleyball, soccer,

    basketball, badminton, paddleball, and lacrosse

    ● Instructs individuals or groups in beginning or advanced

    calisthenics, stretches, or corrective exercises,

    determining type and level of difficulty of exercises,

    corrections needed and prescribed movements

    ● Confers with students, parents, faculty, and school

    administration to resolve student behavior issues

    ● Cultivates parent support via email, phone calls,

    conferences, and report card comments

    ● Collaborates with colleagues throughout the divisions in

    order to support students, develop curriculum, ensure

    best practices, and manage facilities

    ● Selects, orders, stores, and inventories equipment,

    materials, and supplies

    ● Responds readily to emergencies or injuries, as required

    in the school's Safety Handbook

    ● Supervises study hall and recess

    ● Chaperones field trips and Outdoor Education trips as


    ● Participate in faculty, division, department, and

    admissions/school events

    ● Attend grade level meetings for collaborative discussion

    and sharing of student concerns

    ● Pursue relevant opportunities for professional growth and


    ● Coaches intramural after-school sports

    o Teaches and demonstrates appropriate athletic


    o Teaches game rules and strategy

    o Manages team during competitions

    o Communicates with parent body, carpool coordinator,

    and Athletic Director via meetings and email

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