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Affordable Solutions to Health Care Compliance (PPACA)

  • 25 Sep 2013
  • 11:00 AM
  • Webinar
Human resources and benefits personnel have been charged with designing plan benefits and maintaining compliance with the new applicable laws within the PPACA. This webinar will focus on updates as well as solutions you can use to implement these updates while maintaining compliance.
These upcoming changes will require the input of your entire management team, as full compliance may require a significant increase in employer cost and/or a shift in the employer's philosophy with regard to the compensation and benefits packages of its workforce.

Learning Objectives:
Affordable solutions that are in compliance with the new regulations.
Retirement and dependent health care options for your school.
Re-hire waiting period changes that affect employees.
Cobra and the exchange.
Presenter:  Chris Harrison, President, EbenConcepts
To learn more and register click here to visit the SOS website.
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