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Professional Development

  • 24 Oct 2011
  • 9:15 AM - 3:45 PM
  • Westridge School, Pasadena

Meeting in conjunction with NBOA's Facilities Roadshow


Taking Facilities From Good to Great:  A Culture of Excellence in Facilities Management

  1. Most of us believe we have a good facilities operation. But how do we measure good…or great?  Have we looked at our processes and ensured they are as efficient as possible?  As budgets continue to tighten and we are expected to “do more with less” we must constantly assess how we operate and look to improve. This presentation will help you:
  • Identify and implement action items related to improving facility operations processes
  • Monitor your progress on those actions items over time to provide accountability
  • Create a culture of excellence in the Facilities and institute best practices to help you achieve your goals.

Update on ISBOA/SCISBOA merger

Update on NBOA

  • Introduction to NBOA’s “facilities toolkit,” including elements such as hiring a new director, staffing your department, understanding your physical plant building by building, life-safety issues, and outsourcing options.  Discover how to manage all of the critical functions of maintaining an optimal campus, while dealing with “distractions” such as transportation challenges, traffic duty, custodial requirements, fire drills, and more.

Can you Hear Me Now?:  Giving Facilities a Voice at Budgeting Time.

  • Learn how using facility assessment tools and historical records you can demonstrate to those controlling financial decisions the real cost of deferred maintenance.  Build a persuasive case for allocation of resources to Facilities, and be a more effective “voice” of the facility at the boardroom table, using industry benchmarks and your own records.

ISBOA Statistical Survey:  understanding results and generating reports for your Board

  • Jim Pugh will walk us through many of the highlights, shows us how to work with the charts, and hears your feedback on the survey's new design and ease of use. Be sure to bring your laptops with your survey results loaded.

Energizing Your School to Build a Conservation Culture

  • Energy is the 2nd largest element of a school budget, and with costs rising and increased educational requirements, it must be properly managed.  Learn how:
  • Lack of knowledge on how energy systems and the building should be operated results in "Little Energy Wastes".
  • These "Little Things can amount to between "15-25%" of a school’s energy consumption.
  • How you can empower students, staff and faculty to impact and control energy costs, while building a conservation culture.

Campus Tour – highlighting Westridge’s award winning LEED Platinum Science Building

  • Come see PV panels in action, a green roof, and many other innovations in Westridge’s new Science Building: a dynamic facility that allows students to DO science, not just study it.  In addition, sessions will be held in Westridge’s state of the art Performing Arts Center.Registration details soon
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