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ThinkHR Live, a team of HR experts standing by to answer your questions or provide advice. ThinkHR provides phone-based support, access to webinars, as well as  to ThinkHR Comply, an award-winning online resource center for all of your workforce issues including information specific to California. In addition as a Cal-ISBOA member you will receive a 20% discount on training solutions offered through ThinkHR's Learn module.

  • ThinkHR Live’s team of experienced HR experts provide actionable guidance or perform follow-up research on your workforce management issues 
  • ThinkHR Comply is rich with information, tools, templates and checklists based on best practices and the collective wisdom organizations and HR professionals.

  • ThinkHR Learn has more than 200 online courses across a range of topics to help you develop employees and create a winning environment. Use the tracking and reporting for compliance and certifications. As a Cal-ISBOA member you receive a 20% discount off the cost of these courses.

  • ThinkHR Insights highlights HR best practices and educational opportunities provided to you through your membership including:
      • Free HRCI webinars
      • White papers
      • State and federal compliance alerts
      • Newsletters with insights into HR laws, regulations and best practices
Cal-ISBOA Members: For information on accessing ThinkHR, please go to the ACCESS Member Benefits section of the website.
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